Restoration of Wood Floors for Health Reasons

How I started with Wood Floors Stories of Wood Floors

I have been in the wood flooring business for over 50 years.

I have been an employee for wood flooring companies, a Flooring Department
Associate for both Home Depot and Lowe's and as a self-employed installer and refinisher.

One of the jobs that totally changed my life's perspective was in Northern Virginia.

I was working on a house along with a variety of other contractors.

I mean this house was a wreck. It needed new plumbing, electrical, drywall work, wood work, painting, roofing, and of course wood floors refinished.

The woman who owned the house was very fussy and if something was not done to her satisfaction it got done over. Cost didn't seem to even enter into the matter.

At the end of the day she was at the house checking out the days progress.

It had been a long day of wood flooring work and perhaps being tired caused me to be so bold as to ask her a personal question.

I asked her why with her being so fussy why she bought such a wreck of a house.

She laughed at my question. She said it was interesting that I should ask her that. She was proud of being fussy.

She explained that few people would admit it but she was a bureaucrat for the Federal Government and she got paid very well for what she did. Money was not a problem at all for her.

The problem she said was that her job involved "shuffling papers all day" and just being a step in the process. She never got to see the end result of anything she did.

She said she looks for houses that need a lot of TLC and have been neglected.

She said she would give the house we were working on EVERYTHING it needed.

She said she needed to physically see something being accomplished in her life.

When the house we were working on was complete she would sell it and find another house in need of a lot of attention.

I pondered on that conversation that night and many times since.

I think there is a basic human need to see something tangible being accomplished in one's


I am so lucky that being built into my job.

In my last years of my career with wood floors I taught homeowners how to do install, sand and refinish their own wood floors onsite.

Many of "my students" were also just "shuffling papers all day".

I smiled when I saw them getting the satisfaction of making wood floors beautiful.

Several of my students told me that I taught a lot more than just wood floors.