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Introduction to my journey with wood floors

My name is Franklyn Gallup.   I am originally from a little town in upstate New York called Sloansville.     It was a town formed where 2 major roads met and 3 gas stations occupied 3 of the 4 corners.  I grew up on a 300 acre farm about a mile from town.  At age 17, I struck out on my own and took some time to find out what my lot was in life.   I'll expand on those early years on my "Stories about Wood Floor" page.


My Adventure in wood flooring began quite by accident.   I had purchased a cleaning business doing windows, floors and other maintenance.   I had one customer who owned a large restaurant with royal red carpeting.    He featured a hot buffet every weekend and the grease from the foods caused the carpet around the buffet tables to turn black in the space of every three to four months.


It was a regular job for me to go in at night and try to return it to a red carpet.   One night I went in to do the carpet cleaning and he asked if I would be interested in sanding and refinishing the wood floor in the banquet room upstairs.   I went up and looked at it and said I would be interested in doing that.


The thing is that I had never attempted to sand and refinish a wood floor before.    How hard could it be?   I rented the tools and proceeded to sand and sand and sand this old fir floor which had a lot of wax built up on it.   I got it to where I thought it was ready for finish.   After applying three coats, it still didn't meet my expectations.


I went home pretty discouraged from the results I had gotten.   I figured I needed a better finish so I got out the phone book and called the first listing under "Floor Refinishing" and was going to ask for a recomendation for a better finish.


This is where FATE stepped in.  After explaining what I was doing and the problems I was having,  the owner of the company asked if he could come to my house and talk to me.   I of course said, "Yes".    Within an hour he was at my house and we talked for about 3 hours.   He left with one question.   He asked, "If I teach you the wood floor business, would you be willing to take care of our local residential work during the summer while we are out doing Gym Floors?


I of course said YES.   I didn't hear from him for two whole weeks and assumed he had found someone else.   Then I got a phone call and he asked if I was still interested and I said I was.   He explained that he had a "little problem".   He had 16 gym floors he had to refinish in the next 3 months while school was out and wanted to know if I would be willing to travel and help with the gym floors.   It was the beginning of my 50 years of working with wood floors.  It has been a very satisfying and rewarding journey and a labor of Love.   


In later years I let customers help and get the satisfaction of physically creating something of beauty.  I did have a website called "I Teach Wood Floors" at one point.  It no longer exists.

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