Stories of my Wood Floor Journey

How I started with Wood Floors Stories of Wood Floors

The following is a list of links to stories of my journey with wood floors in no particular order.

This is a story of how I started a wood flooring business without a lot of money and without a vehicle.   It is not in chronological order of my life in wood floors but it is one of my favorite adventures/challenges.  I think my children have heard this story so many times they almost know it by heart. 

 This story was very enlightening and I have seen the lesson repeated over and over again when I allowed homeowners to participate in the job of installing, repairing and/or refinishing their own wood floors.   I offered my expeience, furnished the tools and they got the satisfaction of seeing the physical transformation.   This was especially true if they worked in an office shuffing papers all day long.

 This is a story of how we started a wood flooring business in Billings, MT from scratch with only some tools, knowledge how to use them, deep faith and a vehicle.   It has a valuable lesson at the end.  

.This is a story about how my Wood Floor business enabled to do something special for my son, Adam.  

This is a story of where I repaired a section of wood floor where a wall has been removed and filled with scrap wood for carpeting.   It has tongues going in opposite directions on each side of the hole.

This is a story about the process of creating a Black and White design in a Masonic Lodge floor.   

The Picture above is a Wood Floor I did in a Masonic Lodge. I hand painted this design by myself